The Finishing Touch: Accessories

siting room area with gold hanging lamps, wood storage table, and modern yellow chair

Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean

The key to elegant design is keeping things simple and clean.  Focus on highlighting textures, patterns, color, size variation, vertical and horizontal details that really shine in a small space.  Design rule of thumb, which in my opinion is really a guideline, is odd numbers when clustering your items. Arranging items in odd numbers present more visual appeal which is more effective than groupings of even-numbered objects.  The number three seems to be the “number” everyone inspires to achieve but of course, other odd-numbered groupings of five or seven, work on surfaces that are larger in scale. Guys, one is an odd number. It is very effective when the object is of proper portion.

Defining and Setting the Tone

Accessories define a room and set the tone for how you function in that space.  Please allow your room to speak with elegance without shouting, I’m a themed room.

How Much To Spend and Where to Purchase

So how much should you spend on accessories and where do you go to buy them?  Accessories are a finishing touch to an otherwise bare space.  You don’t have to break the bank to make a statement.  Depending on budget, I have been known to use books in unconventional ways that spark interest and conversation. Either, tear off the covers and display in their raw form or fold the pages inward to create a peacock feather look.  Use books to help elevate or add visual interest by stacking books and lay the feathered book on the top, or just lay the book on its back or side. 

Simple! Right?

Be Adventurous,


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