Your Dream Team

Design on a Dime is the premier interior design team in Houston, Texas. We are so proud to introduce you to our Dream Team! We are an all-female God-fearing team ready to take on your home transformation projects. Ready to meet us, okay let’s go!

All photos on this post were done by Laken V Photography.

Mel Stevens, Owner & Designer

Photo of Mel Stevens, owner and designer of Design on a Dime in an orange dress in front of a window.

I worked for another design company for years before stepping out on faith.  Design on a Dime Interiors was my favorite HGTV show back in the days.  I was always amazed by the concept of transforming a room on a budget and making it look like a million buck so when opportunity knocked, I opened the door with intention and purpose little did I know, the business would transform into an AMAZING entity filled with EMPOWERING women BOSSES.  Kayla and Racheal are sisters who had the vision to start their own design firm but had no idea how to start.  I, on the other hand, was in prayer asking for AN assistant to just periodically help me, so I posted on my page that I was looking and Racheal responded.  She asked if she could bring her sister to the interview and right away, we realized we 3 were equally yoked.  The girls too had been seeking God in this decision and season of life. I was in aww!  Carla my faux finisher did my client’s house before she had hired me as her designer.  When I walked into her home, I knew I need to connect with this artist that was meticulous and creative.  We meet the first time outside my client’s house that she was there to give me a quote and right away, we connected.  If saying love, at first sight, would not create confusion, I’d say I loved her like my sister that very moment.  We look at a project through each other’s eyes and create a space that corespondents with the other’s thoughts.  She is amazing!  Kristy, I met at my first business coaching class.  I was not prepared for what I learned that day, fresh to the business with the minimum knowledge of how to or what it took.  She sat next to me, shook her head a lot at my comments and just took pity on me…LOL!  At the end of the section, all she knew to do was to offer to mentor me, without knowing she had just gained a sister for life.  She emailed me all she knew and all her business secrets.  She took my calls and walked me through situations.  We have entered into a solid partnership and continue to empower each other. I work with my best friends that I consider my sisters and absolutely LOVE what we do.

Kayla Sutton Munoz, Design Assistant

I love the versatility that comes with interior design. I embrace influence from a wide variety of aesthetics, while my focus is always creating spaces that invoke a sense of inspiration and rest. My style could best be described as cozy and minimalistic, yet I thrive on finding unique ways to make a space stand out. I love using different textures and finishes within a neutral palette, along with beautiful statements of color woven throughout. Above all, I highly value the needs and tastes of my clients. I strive to work meticulously alongside them, helping to identify the best design elements for a personalized result and creating a space they will not want to leave.

Rachael Sutton, Design Assistant

My style is influenced by a love for nature’s elements using earth tones, foreign textures, and bold highlights to every space while maintaining practicality and function. My passion for cultural diversity reflects in my designs with an artistic flair to inspire a tasteful yet striking atmosphere. When working with a client, I like to encourage inward reflection that will outwardly express the clients’ needs and personality best through design. From soft neutrals to loud and vibrant colors, my intent is to emerge an aesthetically pleasing and personalized respite for you to draw into through interior design.

Carla Stedillie, Painter and Artist

I enjoy a wide array of painting from a fresh and clean coat to the extravagant faux finishes, glazes, fine art, murals, plasters, custom cabinetry, and custom children’s rooms. I started to study Interior Design in 2012 when I was pregnant with my last child. I wanted an extra special nursery and designed a fully custom room from top to bottom. And so another passion was born. This launched me into interior design, where I discovered that children’s rooms are my passion.

Kristy Dupuy, General Contractor

I have always had a passion for art and design. It began when I was very young and would see the works of art lining the walls of my home created by my mother. I painted my first wall mural of horses crossing a stream in my home at the young age of 12. My family has always been in the construction industry with my father running a successful electrical business his entire life as a Master Electrician. Before earning a degree in interior design and starting my own business, I have worked in many facets of the construction industry for the past 22 years such as HVAC sales assistant, PEMB commercial construction assistant, high-end tile and plumbing sales and design, commercial project management, residential construction scheduling and residential.

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