We Shop With Intent For Your Home Transformation

Block graphic with cursive handwritten text saying "trust the process."

It is a fresh new year and we know you are ready to tackle what is next for your home. Maybe you just moved from a smaller one-bedroom apartment to a full size two to four-bedroom house and need something to fill up all that big beautiful space. Or maybe you just need an update to your current home. Whether it is one room or four, you don’t have to do it alone because we have you covered. From lighting, flooring, rugs, and window coverings to custom-built furniture, Mel and the staff at Design on a Dime will work with you to achieve the look and feel you want. All from the comfort of your own home!

Grouping of design ideas including a brown leather couch, wooden wall accents, a green plant, a glass coffee table, yellow curtains, orange pots, green striped chair, and mosaic style room rug.
Brown leather chair on white backdrop.
Photo of a group of furniture on a white background including a lamp, a coffee table, a basket, decorative accents, and a couch.
A gold and white large wall sconce shaped like a sun on a white background.
A graphic with handwritten cursive text displaying the phrase "good things take time."

How does it work? Mel and her staff begin with an initial consultation. Mel herself visits your home and gets the scope of the project laid out. She tours your home looking at everything. From who occupies the space, including children, family pets, and even the ages of everyone in your family. She will shop for fabrics that work well within the home using concepts like revolution vs. performance and types of fabrics such as linen vs. polyester. She measures furniture, takes into account the weight capacity, the way it is manufactured, and what it is made of. She shops with intention, even paying careful attention to if the furniture is solid wood, what the tension joints are like, and whether it has sinuous wires vs. 8-way hand tie. Finally, Mel looks at how space is to be used; room flow and conversation areas.

Group of furniture and accessory ideas for a home in beige and brown colors including a couch, two chairs, a lamp, rugs, plants, wall art, and a coffee table.
Large gold and crystal modern chandelier on white background.

Mel’s approach is that your home is her home. Known for her attention to detail, she covers everything and ensures you are happy with the final results!

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